Spazio Per l’Arte Contemporanea, Lugano 2022-2023 “Still Life”

“Spikes Anvil & Cloth II” 2019 n.x/2 cm.55x77 c.101
“Three Four Five” 2017 n.-/3 cm.55x77 c.51
“Ranunculus to Bin” 2020 n.1/3 cm.55x77 c.69
“Studio” 2021 n.x/10 cm.55x77 c.99
“Yellow Scarf” 2019 n.-/3 cm.55x77 c.63
“Wedge & Protractor” 2014 n.-/5 cm.38x38 c.39
“Top Ball & Leaf” 2008 n.-/5 cm.37x37 c.47

“Pink” 2015..

“…Examining the patient work of arranging the few chosen objects from a refectory - aluminium bowls and plates, dishcloths, enamel jugs, tools from an obsolete workshop - the careful placement of these simple things reveals a search for compositional synthesis. This is evident in images without flowers where geometric forms predominate, as in Wedge & Protractor 2014’ or ‘Blocks & Compass 2020’. Here, the ensemble takes on an almost sculptural aspect. The stylistic references even evoke Tatlin’s ‘painting reliefs’ or some futurist works. The compositional elements are repetitive, modulated in barely perceptible variations. For this reason, his modus operandi recalls that of Paul Cezanne or Giorgio Morandi. An absorbing process, in which the artist observes the minimal change of atmospheric, temporal and coloristic conditions on the subject to be depicted. Painstaking work, waiting for flowers to fade, the light to change. Giulia Grassi notes that “what interests him are the infinite combinatorial possibilities that can come with each variation. The contrasts, full and empty, large and small, light and dark, must find the right balance”. But, within the static nature of CB’s structures, there is an element which, to borrow a term from the world of theatre, we can call estrangement…”
Paola Formenti Tavazzani, 2022